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What to do if You are in an Auto Accident 


  • Stop your vehicle: if you’re blocking traffic, or the location isn’t safe, move your vehicle to a safe place nearby. The law requires you to stop; failure to do so could result in a ticket or a warrant your arrest.

  • Make sure everyone is safeif necessary, call 911 for medical assistance


  • Never admit fault: The fault of an accident is not always clear and admitting fault when questionable or in correct may have negative consequences.


  • Exchange contact information: Exchange names, addresses, and phone numbers with all parties involves as well as any witnesses present.
  • Get additional Information: Get the license plate numbers, insurance company names and policy numbers for all vehicles involved in the accident.


  • Call the police: and let them decide if they should come to the scene. It’s especially important to contact the police if the accident involves injuries, a hit-and-run or a dispute about liability.


  • Cooperate with the police: by giving them accident details and answering their questions. Be sure to get their names and phone numbers, as well as the number of the police report.


  • Take Pictures:  If you have a camera with you or on your cell phone, take pictures of that accident location, damage to all the vehicles or property involved and other relevant details of the accident.


  • Call a Tow Company: if the vehicle isn’t fit to drive. Get the name, address and phone number of the company.