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Earthquake Insurance in La Habra, CA

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Why do you need earthquake insurance? Earthquakes can cause devastating damage to your home and property, leading to potentially catastrophic financial consequences. These seismic events can destabilize or even completely destroy your home in mere seconds, often striking without warning. With this in mind, you should prioritize implementing and maintaining appropriate loss control measures, including earthquake insurance.

Who Needs it?

Although certain parts of the country, such as the West Coast, may be well known for experiencing earthquakes, these natural disasters can affect homeowners and renters across all 50 states. Even those at relatively low risk of experiencing seismic activity should do their due diligence and ensure they carry appropriate coverage.

You should also know that coverage for earthquakes is typically not included in standard home or renters insurance. So you may need to purchase an endorsement or a separate insurance policy to protect your property and financial interests adequately. While earthquake insurance is typically not required by law, landlords or mortgage lenders should still consider this coverage to ensure financial security.

Why Did My Earthquake Insurance Rates Go Up?

Whether you have earthquake insurance for a condo, house or apartment, rates may vary significantly depending on many factors, such as your location, claims history, home value and structural details, and possessions you choose to insure. Unfortunately, this means you may experience increases in your premiums and need to spend more to insure your home and property adequately. Some circumstances beyond your control may also impact your rates, such as scientific organizations’ forecasts for seismic activity; if increased frequency or severity of earthquakes is anticipated, coverage costs may increase.

Get the Right Coverage

With extensive experience serving the coverage needs of La Habra and the state of California, DRD Insurance Agency is well-equipped to help you understand and address your earthquake insurance needs. Our dedicated team has the knowledge and resources to procure ideal policies tailored to your needs, such as endorsements, riders and earthquake insurance for renters. Contact us today to learn more.

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