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Personal Umbrella Insurance

Most personal lines liability policies, such as home, auto, renters or watercraft, have limits up to which it will pay out for covered claims. Having an umbrella insurance policy can help protect you from liability claims or lawsuits that exceed the limits of your current policies. To learn more about personal umbrella insurance and determine whether it’s right for you, contact us today.

Protect Your Financial Livelihood

Personal umbrella insurance can help protect you against potentially damaging liability claims or judgments by covering any liability costs that exceed your existing liability policy limits. For instance, if you cause an auto accident and a third party is injured, your auto insurance may cover the driver’s medical costs and repair costs to their car, up to your policy’s limit. If the medical expenses or property damages exceed your policy’s limits, and it can’t adequately cover the other driver’s bills, an umbrella policy may help cover the additional costs.

Without umbrella insurance, you’re liable for paying any additional expenses out-of-pocket. Also, your assets become vulnerable without umbrella insurance, including your house, car, financial and retirement accounts, and future income.

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A personal umbrella insurance policy may cover claims that exceed the liability limits of your existing policies. DRD Insurance Agency can help you evaluate your needs and risks to ensure you have suitable coverage to protect your financial livelihood.

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