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May 6, 2022

Does Car Insurance Cover Flat Tires?

Your car needs four wheels to be able to run properly. So, if you ever experience a flat or damaged tire, chances are you are not going to be able to go where you want to go. Not only can flat tires be expensive, but they can also be dangerous if you experience a blowout in the middle of a drive. As a result, you might wonder if your car insurance will cover the costs of a new tire or other repair services.  

The answer is complicated. Often car insurance will provide a degree of coverage for flat tires. However, whether coverage kicks in will depend on the circumstances surrounding the flat tire. Consider the cause of the damage before trying to file a claim against your auto policy for the damage costs. 

Car Insurance for Flat Tires 

Most of the time, car insurance will not pay for your run of the mill flat tire, such as one that results from a slow leak or from hitting an object in the roadway.  a car driving down a street next to a tree

Usually, your policy will only pay for damage resulting from unexpected or unavoidable damage. In most cases, you can prevent flat tires or have them repaired long before the damage becomes significant. Until that time, your car will usually include a spare tire that you can use until you can transport the vehicle to a repair shop. 

Additionally, the cost of paying for a replacement tire usually falls below the cost of your car insurance’s damage deductibles. Therefore, you would likely have to pay for the repairs yourself, anyway.  

However, if a flat tire arises from a wreck or other hazard, then your collision insurance or comprehensive damage coverage will likely pay for the repairs to the tire along with any other damage. Deductibles and exclusions will still apply, however. So, you might not receive compensation for 100% of your damage costs, depending on the terms of your policy. 

Roadside Assistance Coverage is Available 

Even though your damage coverage might not pay for a flat tire, your car insurance can offer other benefits. For example, many policies offer an additional supplement for roadside assistance. 

If you find yourself with a flat, you can call the roadside assistance provider covered by your auto insurer. They might be able to come to your aid. Some services will help you change the tire and others will provide a tow to the nearest repair shop.  

This is a good benefit to consider adding to your car insurance policy. The added cost usually is affordable compared to the cost of buying from a third-party service or from paying out of pocket. 

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