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April 29, 2020

How to Get Affordable Auto Insurance ?

auto_insuranceIf you’re like most drivers, you want to get the best auto insurance possible at the lowest price. Fortunately, finding a good and low-priced insurance plan doesn’t have to be difficult. Read this article to learn about how to get affordable car insurance.


1. Claim Your Discounts 

One of the most effective ways that you can make an auto insurance policy more affordable is by claiming your discounts. Car insurance companies offer discounts to different groups of people. Some groups that frequently qualify for discounts for car insurance are as follows: 

  • High school students with a good GPA 

  • Veterans 

  • Military personnel 

  • Excellent drivers (no accidents or tickets) 

  • Drivers with insured vehicles that have up-to-date safety features, such as daytime running lights, air bags, antitheft systems, and antilock brakes 

  • Drivers who have taken a driver’s education course or defense driving course 

  • Drivers who pay the annual premium as a lump sum 

  • Drivers who elect for automatic monthly payment 

  • Drivers who have purchased other types of insurance policies with the auto insurance carrier


2. Consider Raising Your Deductible 

You should consider choosing a higher deductible to make your auto insurance policy more affordable. The deductible refers to the amount of money that you will contribute toward the cost of a car insurance plan. You can raise your deductible to decrease your monthly premium.


Before you make this decision, you should think about whether you will be able to afford the deductible if you must make a claim. A very high deductible could pose a financial hardship.


3. Drive an Inexpensive Car 

In general, factors like the year, make, and model of your vehicle will influence the amount of money you pay for collision and comprehensive coverage. In most cases, if your car is expensive and new, you can expect to pay a much higher premium. Therefore, if you can’t afford the monthly premium for your current car, you should consider driving an inexpensive car.


Also, depending on how old the car is and its value, you may be better off opting out of comprehensive and collision coverage completely. To determine whether this is the right choice for you, consider whether the cost of the deductible for the comprehensive and collision coverage is higher than the “book” value of the vehicle. 

There is no need to break the bank when it comes to buying a car insurance policy. Just follow the tips discussed above and you should no problem finding affordable auto insurance. 


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