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September 29, 2022

The Add-Ons Commercial Drivers Need on their Auto Insurance

Owning or operating vehicles for business purposes means investing in commercial auto insurance. The policy will offer you numerous benefits to help you cover the costs related to vehicle damage, accident lawsuits, injuries and similar vehicle hazards. 

However, at times, you’ll want to add other coverages to your policy. While optional, these policy add-ons will offer you a higher level of assistance at times when you face significant or inconvenient challenges. Consider just a few of the helpful benefits that you should consider adding to your plan. 

Add-On One: Gap Coverage 

Gap insurance will allow you to pay the difference between your settlement and the remaining loan cost. a car parked in a parking lot

Add-On Two: Roadside Assistance 

Company vehicles can break down from time to time, and whether it’s an empty gas tank, dead battery or flat tire, these issues can be big inconveniences. If you or one of your drivers get caught in this situation, then you naturally will want easy access to assistance. A roadside assistance benefit will allow your insurer to dispatch an approved service provider to your location, usually at no charge, and they can have you back on your way in no time. 

Add-On Three: New Vehicle Replacement Coverage 

Should one of your company vehicles get totaled in an accident, you will want to replace it. This coverage will ensure that your policy pays you the amount of money necessary to buy a new model for the same vehicle. 

Add-On Four: Rental Reimbursement 

Sometimes, you will need to rent a vehicle if one of your fleet vehicles is being repaired after a covered insurance claim. This coverage can supplement those costs to lessen your own burden. This coverage does not cover if a vehicle is being repaired for routine maintenance.  

Before buying any add-ons for your policy, you need to inspect the terms of your existing coverage. Some policies will already include these benefits, and you won’t need add-ons as a result. Still, once you have your base policy in place, chances are that your fleet—and anyone driving for your business—could use some extra coverage.  

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