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January 27, 2021

How to Prepare for an Earthquake

Earthquakes are often unpredictable, which is why it is crucial for homeowners living in high risk areas should have a plan in preparation in case one does occur. Planning ahead can help save your family fear, injuries and money, so here are a few ways you can prepare for a potential disaster. a close up of a busy city street

Secure Potential Dangers Within the Home 

During an earthquake, many objects can break and fall due to tremors. Falling objects can cause injury or even death to those inside, so one thing you can do is to make sure heavy or potentially dangerous objects are fastened into place. Make sure shelves are secured to walls, nothing sharp like pointed decorations are hung on the walls or ceilings and keep glass in cupboards or somewhere it can’t fall and hurt someone. 

Have an Emergency Plan 

Certain areas of your home will be safer than others during an earthquake. Everyone within the home should know exactly where to go during an earthquake so that they can get there as quickly and safely as possible. Identify the safe areas of your home, such as beneath something sturdy like a heavy table or beneath the stairs. 

Keep a Safety/Disaster Kit Handy 

A safety kit can help you keep in contact as well as bandage wounds if needed. In your safety kit, you should generally have band-aids and other first-aid items, a radio, flashlight, extra batteries for each, water and snacks. 

Clear Dangers Outside the Home 

Earthquakes can also cause items outside of your home to fall and cause injuries or damage, such as tree branches or lines falling onto your roof. Clear away overhanging tree branches and outside decorations that could cause damage or injury during an earthquake. 

Watch for Wires and Gas Leaks 

Loose electrical wires and gas leaks are dangerous on a good day but they can be deadly when it comes to earthquakes. They can cause fires, shocks and electrical burns if not handled immediately. Make sure to maintain your home and repair any loose wires and gas leaks as soon as they appear. 

You may also make certain upgrades to your home to make it more resistant to earthquake damage, such as adding latches to your cabinets to prevent the contents spilling out and reinforcing doors and windows. 

Before an earthquake occurs, make sure to find an earthquake insurance policy tailored for you. If your home is damaged, you will want coverage to rebuild. 

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