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July 21, 2021

Why Do I Need Umbrella Insurance?

With coverage limits in the millions, umbrella insurance may seem a bit farfetched for the average Joe. But in fact, just one accident, no matter how unlikely, can end up with a price tag in that high range. How does that happen? 

Let’s say a guest is at your house and is walking down the stairs when he slips on a lose floorboard and tumbles to the bottom, breaking his leg on the way down. Because it’s your responsibility to maintain the safety of your home, you will likely be held liable for your guest’s medical expenses and lost wages following the injury. After surgery, physical therapy and months of lost paychecks, the total cost could be well over $1 million in damages. And that’s just one example! 
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How could you possibly afford to pay for that? Once your coverage limit has been exhausted, your umbrella insurance kicks in to help cover the remaining portion of what you owe. 

Think of umbrella insurance as a literal umbrella, protecting the things that rest underneath it—namely, your homeowners and auto insurance policies. Even though accidents and injuries that are serious enough to require that amount of coverage are unlikely to occur, there’s always a chance. And with that chance, comes the risk of losing your personal savings and even your home. Why not protect yourself? 

Call your independent insurance agent to discuss your umbrella insurance options and start protecting what you’ve worked so hard to achieve. 

Get the protection you need. Call DRD Insurance Agency at 562-691-0867 for more information on La Habra umbrella insurance.  

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