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August 9, 2022

3 Ways to Reduce Renters Insurance Rates

Renters insurance provides you with financial protection. It is generally an inexpensive way to gain protection of your contents and to reduce liability costs if you are sued. Nevertheless, there are several steps you can take to reduce how much you spend on this insurance. If you are a renter or considering becoming one, don’t overlook these ways to reduce your renters insurance costs. 

#1: Stop Smoking 

Smoking may increase your renters insurance rates because there is an increased risk of damage to the property and contents from an unintentional fire. If you do not smoke—and no one in your rented space smokes—this could help trim the costs down for your insurance. a sign above a flower garden

#2: Choose a Low-Crime Area to Live 

Where you live plays a significant role in how much you’ll pay for renters insurance. If you live in an overall safe area where crime rates are low, you can expect to pay significantly less than if you were to live in an area of high crime. The risks are lower, which is why costs may be lower. Before moving into any area, learn more about the crime rates either by using online data or turning to the local police station for information. Your insurance agent can also help you determine low crime areas. 

#3: Maintain Good Credit 

Your credit score provides a great deal of information to your insurer. It helps them to know what type of responsibility you can handle. Generally speaking, insurance companies use credit scores to determine how much of a risk a person is based on data from millions of people. That data shows that those with a high credit score are likely to place fewer claims. That’s why you may get a lower rate. 

By applying these three factors to your life, you may reduce your renters insurance. How much depends on what factors are impacting you now. It is always a good idea to invest at least some time in learning about your options by getting a quote for coverage. In nearly all cases, you will find that renters insurance is an affordable investment that can provide a significant amount of protection to you and your financial health. 

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